New EOS-7D and EOS 1D Mark IV User’s Guide by Arthur Morris

| April 4, 2010

Arthur Morris, one of the best bird photographers in the world is also famous for many books and e-books he has published including user guides for Canon DSLRs.
Now two new guides covering the EOS 7D and the EOS 1D Mark IV will be available very soon. I already ordered my EOS 7D guide and can’t wait to read it.
This won’t be just some copied information from the manual (as some other worthless books do) but written by someone who really uses the camera in the field and also actually know how to get the best results from it.
The EOS 7D is BY FAR the best middle range DSLR for bird and nature photographers Canon has ever built so far and the 1D Mark IV is probably the best pro model so far (I have not yet used the 1D Mark IV as I prefer spending the money on a good trip or two).

For more information about the new e-books by Arthur Morris, click here:
Canon EOS-7D User’s Guide

I will publish a review about the EOS 7D guide here once I’ve finished reading it.

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