Silicon Power Announces 400X 128GB Compact Flash Memory Card

January 19th, 2010 , Comments Off

When I bought my first DSLR, a Canon EOS 10D, I bought a (rather slow) 1 GB CF card and I paid more than 300 Euros!
Now Silicon Power has announced a 128GB flash card with a write speed of up to 90MB/sec. According to Silicon Power, this is the largest storage capacity CF card to date!
I like the large CF cards. I’ve been using 8 GB cards for years (San Disk) without any problems. Since I acquired the 8GB cards, I stopped using my 2GB cards. Some people say with four 2GB cards you have a lower risk of loosing everything compared to only one 8GB card. This is true but with four small cards you run a higher risk of loosing at least something instead of nothing.

I think the new cards with 64GB and now even 128GB are great for photographers who shoot many pictures with high resolution cameras like a Canon EOS 7D or a Nikon D3s.

For more information about the new Silicon Power’s 400X 128GB CF, click here:
Silicon Power Announces World’s First 400X 128GB Compact Flash Memory Card